Race Report half marathon of Enschede

Last Sunday Enschede was crowded with people who were participating the running event of Enschede. You were able to run the kids run 1km, the 5km, the 10km, half marathon and the complete marathon. Iris joined the half marathon so here you find her report of this day.

Iris: ‘Back in 2008 this was my first running race ever. During that period I started 2,5 month prior this race with my preparations. By the time I was finished it was almost half an hour difference (slower) compared to my current PR. So for sure I’ve made improvements since! But that remains an important reason for me to start this race, because I really like the vibe and good memories of this race in my hometown. ‘

‘Unfortunately it can be quite hot during this day, especially compared to days prior this race so you are not really used to the heat yet. The parcours is often changed so a personal record is most of the times not the case. I just was recovered from the commen cold which took longer than expected. I felt I wasn’t at my maximum strength yet, so I just aimed for finishing the race and most of all enjoying it.’

‘The first 10km went pretty great. I was actually close to my PR. After this I needed to adjust my pace a bit. My heart rate was high and this didn’t felt alright. And most of all: I just wanted to finish the race with a nice feeling. But when I finished it turned out I even took 30 seconds of my own parcours record and was 12th out of 101 in my age category. Not that bad! So after all I was happy with my race and the results.’

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